A new style of architecture could be coming to the UK from the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their innovative architecture.

The country’s architecturally inspired buildings, which were built with an eye to the future, have won accolades and accolades around the world.

But one project is taking the Dutch to a new level.

The architects behind the new architecture are a group of designers from the Dutch architectural school, which has a rich history in the Netherlands, including the iconic Bijlmerboek, which was designed in the 17th century and was the largest building in the world at the time.

As the city prepares for its World Architecture Festival, they are planning to build a new style in the area.

Their project is called Classical Architecture Design CheltenHAM, and it’s being designed to be a mix of traditional Dutch architecture and modern architecture.

“We wanted to make something for the city that’s more modern, but still rooted in the traditional architectural tradition,” said Martin De Jong, a partner at the firm who is spearheading the project.

It’s a bold move, as architecture in the UK has always been dominated by a focus on the past.

Architects are not allowed to do anything without a permit, so the design is going to be quite different, and there are going to also be a lot of small elements of the buildings that are completely unique to the area.

“De Jong says they’re aiming to build something that looks like it’s from the 19th century.

While the project is a new architecture, it’s not the first time the Dutch have built something completely out of the ground.

In 2011, a Dutch architecture student was awarded the Nobel Prize in Architecture for their concept of an island, and they’ve since designed buildings for the UK and the US.

That concept was designed by the same architect that created the original Bijloek, who also designed the Bijlukmeer, the famous building in Amsterdam that was built in the 19st century.

The Bijmeer was a landmark building that was erected in the late 1800s and built in a traditional style, and the island concept, while different, was based on the same principles.

De Jong said the designers at Chelthham had the freedom to make the architecture look as different as they want.”

We’re not just building it to fit in with the area, we’re also trying to keep it authentic and timeless,” he said.

When it comes to the buildings themselves, they’re not going to just build something to look like a traditional Dutch building, but to take the traditional Dutch buildings to a whole new level.”

They’re going to take a very traditional design and bring it to a very modern place.

They’re going as far as to create a building that’s really unique, a place that is really unique in its own way.

“The architecture is designed to combine a number of elements, including a glass wall and roof structure, with the traditional architecture elements of brick and timber.

There will also be elements of a large stone building, a wooden roof and glass wall.

The designers have also used reclaimed materials to create the building, including wood, bamboo and clay.

They’re not the only Dutch architects to have worked on the concept.

In the United States, a group called The Dutch Architectural Group has been designing architecture in its backyard for several years.

Its project is known as the Art of Architects, and their project has a more modern look.

What’s your favourite Dutch architecture?

Share your favourite buildings in the comments section below.

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