Architectural design ‘in need of a refresh’

AUSTRALIA’S top architecture design awards have come under fire after critics accused the awarding body of being overly focused on the needs of its own corporate clients.

Key points:Architectural design is the fourth highest paid occupation in Australia, with average annual salaries of $130,000Architects are also in the top five on the list of most highly paid occupations in the worldArchitecture is often regarded as an industry where ‘the rules have changed’ and “we have become more competitive”, according to the Australian Institute of ArchitectsThe award is considered the highest level of compensation awarded to the profession, and is often given for work done in areas such as the development of houses, schools, hospitals and schools.

But the award body said it did not have a bias against architects, and noted that the industry is “highly competitive”.

“This is a position of relative privilege and privilege should not be undermined by the whims of the client,” it said in a statement.

The annual awards, which were first created in 1991, recognise the contributions of architecture to Australia’s “great cities, heritage and heritage preservation” and the “emotional and psychological well-being of our citizens”.

In a statement, the awards body said the awards were designed to reward architects “who have made extraordinary contributions to our city and region”.

“They are awarded for work that has benefited both the community and society as a whole,” the statement said.

“Architecturally significant buildings are a testament to our heritage, our values and our ability to adapt to change.”

The organisation said the award was a reflection of the “high standards” of the profession and the fact that its members were “generally self-motivated and highly motivated”.

“The awards reflect our dedication to our profession as an art form, as well as a profession with an important role to play in shaping our city, the city and our nation,” it added.

“These awards reflect the very best of the art form in which we engage and the profession’s ability to engage.”

The ABC contacted the awards organisation for comment.

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