Architectural designers design architectural objectives for NFL stadium

The architects of the $3.5 billion new football stadium in Inglewood, California, say they have created a blueprint to create a “football stadium that will stand the test of time.” 

In a statement released Friday, the architects of LA’s $3 billion, 50-year-old Inglebrook stadium said the stadium is “designed to play host to the NFL and be a global entertainment destination.” 

“We have a vision of a future where football and the NFL become a staple of our communities and our lives,” the statement read.

“We are committed to designing this facility to serve its original purpose and we are focused on creating an architecture that provides for the health and wellness of our people, the city, and the economy.” 

The Inglewoods stadium has been undergoing a design-build process for the past year, with the first pieces of construction slated to begin in mid-2017. 

“The Ingletopas team has worked closely with the city of Ingleville to identify the design-and-build architecture and materials needed for the stadium,” the architects said.

“As part of this process, the team has created a set of architectural objectives that will guide the design of the stadium, as well as the materials needed to construct the stadium and its surroundings.” 

Inglewood is the latest stadium to be built for the NFL’s new league office in Los Angeles. 

The NFL is set to announce a new stadium in 2019 in Ingleside, California. 

Read more about the NFL stadium here

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