How to design an Australian cinema for your movie experience

The building that houses a film studio is designed by the architects of a landmark that is no longer in use.

Architectural designer Alex Dey and his team are behind a brand new film studio, The Bazaar, in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.

The building, designed by Dey’s design studio, was completed in 2011, but it has been vacant since it was demolished by the city of Brisbane in 2016.

Architekten, a Danish company, is building the cinema, but Dey said he was only able to access it through an existing lease with the developer.

“We did not have any other way of accessing it,” he said.

“It was a unique opportunity to bring the building back to life in a modern way.”

The Bazaar is an Australian-designed building that was built in the 1920s.

It was designed by Danish architect Jørn Nørgaard.

It sits in the Brisbane suburb of Stirling.

It houses a cinema with a total of 12 screens, each of which can display films, and an open floor plan with seating for about 500 people.

The main entrance to the cinema is at the back of the building.

Inside, the space is split into two halves, with a large cinema room, a dining room and a lounge area.

The cinema also has a large dining room area and a small cinema room with seating of about 100 people.

“The film space is quite large and the lounge area is also very big,” Dey explained.

“A lot of people come here to relax and have a drink and enjoy the cinema.”

The studio is a mix of film, TV, music and gaming.

The studios layout is a mixture of traditional cinema layout and modern design elements.

There are 12 screens in each room, with seating capacity of up to 500 people, and a large theatre area.

In the dining room, there is a bar, lounge and a cinema screen.

Dey said the film space was one of the biggest challenges for the project.

“I wanted to create a unique space, where people can come and watch movies,” he explained.

It is the first time that a cinema in the country has been constructed by an Australian architect.

“To me, it is a great project because we are creating a brand-new experience for the residents of Stirlings and Brisbane,” he added.

“This is a very interesting place to live and work in and the building itself is quite special.”

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