“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!” – Ramsgard architectural designer says design of home inspired by ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Designer and Ramsgard architect Richard Ramsgard is back at it again, creating a new house inspired by “Dancing With The Stars” after his work on the new house at the home he designed for the “Star Wars” series at the Paramount Hotel.

The house was named “The Star Wars House,” after the movie series’ character “Darth Vader.”

It features a “dynamic, organic design,” which Ramsgard says was inspired by the “Dance with the Dragons” television show.

Ramsgard designed the new home for the Paramount, which opened in 2019, after he was inspired to design it after seeing the original Star Wars home in “The Empire Strikes Back” movie.

The first floor of the new building is designed as a “star chamber,” which is a space where you can experience the show.

It has a fireplace and a space for guests to “dance with dragons” with the lights up, according to a description of the interior on the “The Stars Wars House” website.

The second floor features a bedroom that has a built-in kitchen and a full-size bath.

A full-sized dining area is located in the kitchen.

“The House” has been designed to be a living space, with a small courtyard to sit and have dinner in the living room.

It is also designed to have “dining rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms,” according to the website.

Ramsgards wife and design collaborator Jennifer Johnson told BuzzFeed News the design was inspired after watching the show in which she starred.

“It was just something I wanted to create, and I think it is a wonderful design,” she said.

“I think the house has a lot of great features, and this is what inspired the house design.”

Johnson said that the house also inspired the “Tyrant of the Sun” design.

“We actually wanted to make the house look a little bit like a sun palace,” she explained.

The home will have a “small but very beautiful” entryway that can be used as a lounge or meeting place, according the description on the website for the home.

“This space is a perfect place to meet and socialize,” Johnson said.

The interior features a large open courtyard with “dancing dragons” on the roof, and a large fireplace in the “dying room” area, and it has a full size kitchen.

It also has a fully stocked “dinner room” that can serve “up to eight people,” according the “the Star Wars” House website.

“Dinner rooms can also be shared with guests, and the dining room can serve up to eight guests,” it states.

“A full-featured spa, massage rooms, and an entertainment room are also included.”

The “Dancer’s Room” feature in the home includes a “sun room” with a fireplace in it, a large “sun deck” and a “bikini area” that is located at the “sun chamber.”

The building is also open to the public and can be rented out for “up and coming designers and architects.”

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