The complex architecture design name is a bit of a pain in the arse to get right

Updated October 20, 2019 18:20:36Today’s article title ‘This complex architecture name is too confusing’: architect says article Updated October 20, 2018 21:51:46AUSTRALIAN architect Peter Piotrowski has launched a petition urging the Federal Government to drop the “complex architecture” design name.

In a video released on Thursday, Mr Piotrowksi argued the name “complex” would be an embarrassment for Australian architects and would hurt our competitiveness in the global architecture market.

He said it was time the Federal government dropped the name because it was “overused” and “no longer has any meaning”.

“What it means is it means something different than what it’s used to be,” Mr Potrowski said.

“It doesn’t have the same meaning to us.”

The petition has now garnered over 1,500 signatures and will be put to a vote.

The name is an acronym for Complex Architecture Design.

The Federal Government has confirmed the name will be dropped.

The Federal Register of Information and Communications Technology (FRICT) states the name is being changed to the new term “complex”.

The Federal Council for Architectural Information and Research (CFARIR) will also publish a statement to inform architects of the changes.

“The term complex architecture has been used in many contexts, and is not a recognized professional designation in Australia,” it said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science said the Federal Council was “committed to a process for change to the name”.

“The Federal Information Technology (IT) Council has made recommendations to the Minister in consultation with the Australian Institute of Architects and other stakeholders,” she said.


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