‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is coming to Xbox One

IGN: The Legend of Link: Breath Of The Wild is coming on Xbox One this summer, Microsoft has announced.

It’s a big deal, given how many people play Zelda and how much they want to explore this beautiful world, but what does it mean for players who don’t want to wait until 2018 to see what the console has to offer?

Microsoft’s Xbox team announced the title today at its E3 press conference, giving the opportunity for those not in the know to pick it up.

You’ll be able to get the game this summer for $19.99 USD, a pretty hefty price for the kind of entry-level experience we’re talking about.

We’ve got lots of great titles on Xbox right now, so we’re excited to share that the upcoming title is one of them, the latest entry in our popular Legend Of Zelda series.

With Breath Of the Wild, players will be able explore the world of Hyrule with a new look and feel, including a new dynamic lighting system, new areas, and new gameplay.

It will also introduce a new combat system and more importantly, a new set of new features that will allow players to discover all of this content.

Players will also have a new way to discover content: by finding items within the game world.

They’ll be given the opportunity to find a rare or powerful item, and will be rewarded with a brand new Link item that will let them use it in combat.

In addition, a whole new set will be available as a bonus, giving players a whole host of new, powerful weapons and abilities to choose from.

In terms of the game’s overall look, it’ll be a bit different than the game that launched on the Xbox One, but it’s still going to look great.

The console has always been known for its beautiful design and vibrant graphics, but Microsoft is going to make this one of the best looking console games ever made.

And we can’t wait to see where it takes the next five years of Zelda.

Microsoft has a ton of great games coming to the Xbox platform in the next few years, and we hope you’ll be excited to try them all.

In the meantime, head over to IGN and get the scoop on Breath of The Wild.

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