‘The Lego Movie’ sets the stage for a new era in the sci-fi adventure series

The movie, “The Lego Batman Movie,” opens this weekend.

And while there are some obvious comparisons to the first movie, it has a new tone and direction.

Here are five things you need to know about the upcoming movie.1.

The movie’s plot will be differentThe movie’s story takes place in a future where superheroes and villains have all been destroyed.

And the new plot will focus on a new villain.

In the comic book world, it is called “The Dark One,” and the Dark One is a villain named Lord Voldemort.2.

It will feature two characters from the movieThe movie will have two protagonists, the first being a hero named Batman and the second being a villain called The Dark One.

The plot for the movie will involve Batman and The Dark Lord together in a battle against evil.3.

The new villain will have more than one face The Dark Prince will have multiple faces, which will allow fans to build their own Batman and villain from scratch.

It’s not clear how The Dark Princess will interact with Batman.4.

The film will be filmed in AustraliaThe film will shoot in Australia, a country where the original “The LEGO Batman Movie” took place.

Australia is one of the biggest markets in the world for “The Lego Batman Movie.”

The film has been shooting in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth for months, and it is expected to begin shooting in late 2018.5.

The villain will be a femaleThe villain will not be a woman, but she will have a similar look to that of the original Batman villain.6.

There will be no Easter eggs for fansThe movie is based on a graphic novel by Christopher Golden, a well-known comic book writer.

But the movie won’t have Easter eggs.

Instead, the plot will center around an anti-hero named “The Joker” who is trying to turn the people of Gotham City into criminals.

He’s also trying to create an army of the Dark Ones, who are evil beings who are created by a secret organization.7.

The story will be set in the ’90sThere will be an alternate timeline, set in 1990, in which Batman and Bruce Wayne were not alive.

The Dark Knight and the rest of Gotham were wiped out by The Dark Queen.

In this timeline, Batman and his son were still alive and the Justice League was still fighting the evil Dark Queen, and the heroes of Gotham fought to keep the peace.8.

It won’t be set during the ’80sThe movie won

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