What you need to know about the Trump administration’s environmental legacy

The Trump administration has signed an environmental law that could be one of the most significant in the country’s history, setting the stage for an unprecedented transformation of America’s public lands and rivers.

But as Trump and congressional Republicans seek to dismantle Obama-era environmental regulations, they face an uphill battle to undo the landmark law, which has been championed by some of the countrys foremost conservationists.

Trump has promised to withdraw the law, and he has repeatedly threatened to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord, a global agreement aimed at curbing global warming.

But congressional Republicans are working to roll back the protections of the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws, and they face a fierce pushback from environmentalists and business groups who say it would harm job creation.

“We’re on the precipice of one of history’s greatest environmental disasters,” said Rep. Andy Harris, a Democrat from Texas, who is a member of the House Natural Resources Committee.

“It’s been a monumental task, and I’m really excited to get to work on it.”

The president and the congressional Republicans, including Harris, have signaled they are ready to roll the clock back on some of Obama’s environmental accomplishments.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Trump wrote: “The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts have proven to be an important tool to protect the environment and American workers.

The Senate has passed the legislation, and we are working hard to sign it into law.”

The White House and House Republicans say they have been working for months on a bipartisan compromise.

But while Trump has made it clear he wants to scrap the laws, he has not indicated he will pull them.

Trump has said he will veto legislation that would repeal the Clean Water Act, a law that regulates the use of wastewater treatment plants and other industrial sites.

Trump’s office has said the president supports the Clean Power Plan, a plan to reduce emissions from power plants and curb greenhouse gases.

The president has also said he is open to revisiting some of environmental protections, including the Endangered Species Act.

But Harris said he was confident Trump would sign the law into law if it was the right legislation.

“I’m hopeful that the president will sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act,” Harris said.

But Harris also said it would be “very difficult” to undo many of the Obama-backed rules and regulations, including regulations on methane, mercury, pesticides, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental groups have been fighting the law for years, and it is expected to face significant pushback in Congress.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a leading environmental group, issued a statement on Wednesday saying the administration is “undermining America’s environmental record.”

The group said the Clean water Act, the Endangerment Finding, the Clean Ground rule and other regulations were “designed to protect Americans from environmental hazards.”

“It’s clear that Trump and his team don’t understand that they’re undermining our environment,” the NRDC statement said.

“These actions will harm millions of American workers, reduce our economy and destroy our environment.

They will also threaten our economy’s competitiveness and jobs.”

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