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An architectural design app by a company called Architectural Design and Construction is getting an update this week that aims to give designers a new way to build apps.

Architectural design and construction apps have long been around, but they are now being targeted by the developers who are hoping to monetise the apps.

Now, the app has launched an app that lets you design and build apps for mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

The app, which has been named Architectural Designer, allows users to select from a range of topics including design, web design, typography, design languages and more.

The new app comes with a free trial and the developer has said that the app will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

There are currently two categories of Architectural Designs that are available.

You can choose between the free version, which includes a limited set of tools, or a paid version, with unlimited tools and the ability to upload your own designs.

You’ll be able to build an app with the paid Architectural designer, but you won’t be able build it without it.

You get access to the Architectural Editor, which will let you edit the app to your specifications, and the Architecturally Designer tools, which allow you to create designs and send them to your friends.

The Architectural Assistant will allow you create custom-designed designs, upload them to the app, and send it to other users for feedback.

The Designer Assistant will give you the ability edit and upload your designs.

Architecturally Design will be available for iOS and OS X this week, with Android coming later this year.

Architectural Designer was developed by architecture studio Architects on Architecture, and is being used by the developer as a platform for creating the Architecture app.

The project is being made by developer, Ben Smith, and was launched last year.

It is a free app and the Developer Team is looking for funding to continue development.

You will be able download ArchitecturalDesign to iOS and then Android, and will be asked to enter your contact details and upload any design files that you’d like.

You can find more details about Architectural’s app on the Architectures website.

Read more about Architectures here.

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