What’s your architecture program?

The most popular architecture program in Canada has come under fire in recent months after a study found that the majority of applicants to it don’t have the expertise to create effective architecture.

The Architectural Engineering Association of Canada (AEC) released a report in May 2017 that found that only 14 per cent of architects surveyed were trained to create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing designs for buildings.

In comparison, 80 per cent said they had no experience in the field.

It was part of an ongoing review into the training of architecture and design professionals, which was completed in 2016.”AEC is committed to supporting the creation of sustainable and appealing architecture, which is why we continue to make our own architecture training program available to students and their families,” said AEC executive director Scott Rauch in a statement at the time.

“In 2017, the Association completed a review of its current training program, including the inclusion of design-oriented and architecture-focused classes as part of its portfolio.

Our analysis of the program reveals that more than half of all architecture graduates were not adequately trained in design and building, and that only 13 per cent had the skills to create designs that would meet the highest standards for sustainable design.”

In a letter sent to the AEC board in June, AEC president David Rood said the organization had “no choice but to undertake a re-examination of our training program in light of the findings of the 2017 AEC review.”

“We have made significant improvements over the past two years to our program and we are committed to providing our students the best possible opportunity to pursue careers in architecture,” he wrote.

“The changes we are implementing to our training curriculum, in addition to a major focus on design-based design training, will help our students better understand the complexities of architectural design.”

Rood said AEA will also begin offering a more traditional design-and-build curriculum to its members.AEC members will now be required to attend a design-design-build course taught by a full-time architect, rather than a design and construction course taught in the traditional sense.

This will make it easier for students to become involved in the process of creating their designs and will help them understand the process behind the designs they create.

The new program will be launched next fall, with the goal of adding 50 new architect and designer positions to the profession over the next two years.

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