When an architect designed a building with a different name, what did he or she think?

The architect who designed the Israeli Apartments in Jerusalem’s Old City on September 30, 2020, was also the architect who constructed the Israeli government’s “Hamas Strip” in 2014, which led to the establishment of Israel as the West Bank’s largest Palestinian enclave.

“Hajj” is Hebrew for “Welcome Home” in Arabic.

It is the name given to the first part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which broke out in 1967.

The first building in the Israeli Jewish state was built by the Israeli military, the Knesset, and its residents were denied citizenship.

They were sent to the occupied West Bank, where they lived under Israeli military rule for generations.

The Israeli government later expanded the state into East Jerusalem, which became the Palestinian capital.

“I designed the first building that became a home for the Jewish community,” said Hajj.

The new building in Jerusalem was called the “Temple of Solomon” in Hebrew, and it was meant to house the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

The “Temples of Solomon”, which are still standing in the Old City, are one of the holiest places in Judaism.

The building is considered to be among the most important religious sites in the world.

The project was also part of a larger initiative to “promote unity and freedom” in the region.

In addition to his work in Jerusalem, Hajj worked on the Palestinian Authority’s infrastructure projects in the occupied territories.

The PA has been under international pressure since the death of Fatah leader Yasser Arafat in 1995, when Israel occupied the West Wall, the southern part of Jerusalem, and the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Nablus.

In June, the PA launched an official campaign to rename parts of the Old city to honor the Palestinian leader.

“The Palestinians deserve recognition for their achievements and not just for being the occupying power,” said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, head of the Union for Reform Judaism in Israel, in a statement.

“We must also remember that the history of the Temple Mount is one of suffering and violence.”

Hajj was born in Israel in 1946.

He was educated in the US and moved to Jerusalem in 1960.

He received his PhD from Tel Aviv University and later received his M.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In 1967, Hajju was one of seven Israeli architects and architects’ students at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Tikkun Olam) when the country’s military government decided to launch Operation Cast Lead.

The military imposed the siege of the Palestinian city, where the population was under military occupation and was also subject to a curfew.

Hajj helped design the Israeli settlement of Gush Etzion, which is located in the West bank.

The plan was to build a series of buildings, including an Israeli settlement and a refugee camp, and to turn the Palestinian refugees into citizens of Israel.

The refugee camp was planned to be a place of refuge for Palestinian refugees who were unable to return to their homes in the Occupied Territories.

During his time as an architect in Jerusalem in the late 1970s, Hajja said that he was deeply involved in the reconstruction of the area.

“It was a major task,” Hajja told The Jerusalem Times.

“What was difficult was that we were working with a population that was traumatized, but I was also involved in rebuilding the buildings that were destroyed.”

During the war, he said, he was responsible for the rehabilitation of the old Palestinian refugee camps.

In 1984, Hajji completed the first phase of the construction of the Gush Beit El settlement in East Jerusalem.

Construction was completed in 1987 and the entire project was completed by 1998.

In 2000, Hajjah designed the second phase of construction, known as Gush Katif, which was to include the “Kallah” refugee camp in the settlement.

Construction of Gahazish, the third phase of Gish, began in the year 2001.

In 2013, Hajjo was awarded the Israel Prize for Architecture.

His work is a testament to the “determined work of the spirit” of his profession, said Hajjah.

“He worked with a community that was not only under occupation but under a threat of annihilation,” said Margolin.

“His vision was very clear: ‘We will build together, we will rebuild together.’

It was not a political project.

It was a spiritual project.”

In his new book, “Gahazash,” Hajj tells his story of the building project.

The book tells the story of how the construction started, what it took to finish it, and how he managed to keep the project moving despite its many setbacks.

“In order to achieve its goal, I did not rely on a single person,” he said.

But at the end, we built something that was better than what we imagined.”

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