When will the next Apple iPhone be released?

Architectural design guild Architectural Design Guild will host a roundtable discussion about the Apple iPhone on February 21.

They will be moderated by Jason Lai, the director of the guild’s Design Center.

Lai is not only the guild president but also the design director for the Apple’s design lab, where the company’s current iPhone prototypes are being built.

Lai will also be at the roundtable, along with Michael B. Krueger, a designer at Apple’s product design center, where Apple’s next iPhone is being built, and several other Apple designers and engineers.

Krueger will moderate the round table discussion with Bjarke Ingels, an architect and an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The discussion will include a wide range of topics, including whether Apple’s future iPhone models will be made with metal or plastic, how the design of its next iPhones will change from the iPhone 5 to the next iPhone, and the potential for the next generation iPhone to incorporate more features.

Liang Wei, an associate dean at Cornell University’s School of Architecture, will also moderate the discussion.

He will be joined by other architects and designers at the Roundtable.

The discussion will be streamed live on ArchitecturalDesignGuild’s website.

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