Why you shouldn’t buy a building with the words “underground” in it

Why should you buy a house with a building that says “underneath”?

That’s the question a group of architects and urban planners are raising in an online campaign.

The question, called “Underground Architecture,” was launched last week on a website that provides a visual guide to building types and designs that have the word “under” in their name.

The campaign has attracted thousands of followers, but some say it’s not the right answer to building style and design.

“The whole point of Underground Architecture is that it’s about creating a space that’s more organic, more playful, more creative, and not just a building type or a design type,” says Daniel P. Brown, one of the architects behind the campaign and a member of the Society of Urban Architects.

“So, we wanted to bring that to the table and be able to have the conversation.”

Pete and Julie Smith, a married couple from Toronto, decided to launch Underground Architecture in response to what they saw as a lack of discussion about building design and design trends, especially the idea of underground.

“We were tired of talking about it, so we thought, why not just create a guide that would provide a more positive approach to building and to the way we think about design?” says Julie.

“This is a way for us to really communicate with people about what is building, what is underground and what we want for it.”

The two-year-old website was launched in January and has now reached a crowd of more than 2,000 people, including a few architects, architects, urban planners, and other building enthusiasts.

They’ve been asked to contribute to the site by members of the urban design community.

“Our main goal is to help build the conversation,” says Julie, who is also a writer for UrbanToronto.

“And if we can do that, that will really help us to reach people in a way that is meaningful and not so negative.”

For the last six months, the website has been working on a design guide for “under- and underground” buildings, which include some that have not been formally approved as under- or underground.

In order to ensure that the design guide is inclusive of the entire building community, the architects have created a list of “underworld” buildings that can be considered “under ground” if the word is included in their building design.

Pete Smith, the founder of Underground Architect, says the project has been a positive experience for him, and for his wife Julie.

But he says the community should take note that it is not a substitute for the professionals who have the experience and expertise to make the decision.

“People should know what building types are underground and why they’re underground,” says Pete Smith.

“We’ve created a guide for people to look at.”

Julie Smith says she is excited to see Underground Architecture’s online platform expand and grow in a few years.

“I think it’s going to become more of a standard in our profession,” she says.

“The more people that can take advantage of this kind of information, the better it’s for the profession.”

Julia Smith says it’s also important to educate the general public about the type of building they are buying.

When people are in a position where they can take it and apply it to other buildings, that’s the best thing.”

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